Ride to COP26: No more excuses – we must change course to tackle the climate emergency.

This November, the pivotal COP26 climate talks will take place in Glasgow. These will set a pathway for the global community for years to come. All eyes will be on the UK for a positive lead. Across the UK, young people are calling for urgent climate action. From Glasgow to Plymouth, Liverpool to Brighton, they’re joining forces to lead the way towards a zero-carbon future. Schools can be trailblazers for sustainability and will play a critical role in helping the UK cut carbon emission levels. At the very centre of our communities, they can respond to young people’s calls for action and encourage local families and businesses to join them in taking on the climate crisis.

Iceni Projects, with 14 cyclists, will cycle over 700 kilometres to COP26 in Glasgow to raise funds in support of Let’s Go Zero. Launched by Ashden, Let’s Go Zero (LGZ) is the national campaign uniting teachers, pupils, parents and their schools as they all work together to be carbon zero by 2030. The campaign is run by a coalition of eight major NGOs supporting schools on sustainability, including Global Action Plan, WWF, Sustrans, Soil Association, Fairtrade Foundation, EcoSchools and Carbon Trust. To date, over 415 schools have joined the campaign and are committed to action.

Along the course of the cycle route, the Iceni cyclists will be visiting many of the young people and their teachers working together through the Let’s Go Zero campaign to transform our schools and help safeguard our planet for future generations. We are in doubt that the stories we will hear will provide all the inspiration necessary to make it through the potentially arduous weather conditions, which of course, have become increasingly unpredictable through the advent of climate change.

The Let’s Go Zero vision is that by 2030:

1. All young people receive a robust climate education and leave school or further education, ready to engage in a zero-carbon economy and lifestyle.

2. UK school estates have been retrofitted, leading to the growth of local green skills and jobs, and improving resilience to extreme weather.

3. All school buildings built since 2023 will be zero carbon in construction and use.

This is a sizeable task, and will only be achieved by this generation actively assisting the next. If you feel able to support the campaign, we would be really grateful if you would make a contribution via Iceni’s Just Giving page etc etc. It will certainly help our hardy cyclists to keep the wheels rolling.